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Afya Sacco Microcredit Activity (AMCA)

In order to tailor our products to suit and meet the needs of our members, The Society has introduced Afya Sacco Micro Activity- AMCA that will be offering financial services and products to both the members and the public. AMCA targets the unbanked, credit constrained and micro entrepreneurs in the urban and rural communities. AMCA aims at giving opportunity to members, business persons, youth, women and farmers to access savings and credit facilities to enable them boost their business potential, growth and development.




Building a savings culture. Customers are encouraged to save by opening individual and group account.

1          Group Savings Account:

This is an account opened by members of a group

2          Personal Savings Account

3          Amsha Savings Account

Specifically targeting medical practitioners and firms.

4          Ukulima/Biashara – Savings Account

This is an agricultural Savings and loan facility designed to finance business, farming needs and activities e.g. crop production, Livestock farming, poultry, fish, Horticulture farming and any other activity.

5          Sharia Compliant account

a)         This is a non interest bearing account.

b)         Fees or commission shall be charged on each transaction

6          School Fees/Education Account



Methods of credit delivery have been divided into two broad categories of individual and group approaches.

Individual loans will be given to individuals based on their ability and security provision.

Group-based loans will either be to individuals who are members of a group and guarantee each other’s loans.

Some of the microcredit loan products will include:

1          Amsha-Huduma Loan

Amsha-huduma is a bouquet specifically designed for health institutions and individuals setting up their health practice, Educational training Institute, Dental College, Medical Equipment Dealer, and Pharmacies

2          Business Loans

This product will target small and micro businesses. The product will be advanced to individuals with personal security like vehicle log books or individuals in groups who guarantee each other and have had compulsory savings or other securities.

3          Elimu Loan

Due to the increase in demand for education, there has been commensurate demand on Loans to finance higher education. Microcredit Elimu Loan shall assist employees who want to further their education

4          Group Business Loan

Business loans given to members in a group.

5          Asset financing loan – EQUIPMENT/ASSET LOAN

A loan product for Individuals investing in AMCA who plan to purchase chargeable property

6          Household loan

7          Current Accounts

            Current account holders will be issued with cheque books


Through our network of 103 branches all over the country and Ten Front Offices Activity (FOSA) branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Meru, Eldoret, Kakamega, KNH and Kisii, our customers will be able to conveniently access the AMCA service and products.

The Society has trained and equipped its staff with knowledge and skills that they will use to offer fast and efficient services to AMCA customers using an up-to-date information technology system.


  • Shareholders/Depositors will get additional income through payment of interest on their shares/deposits
  • Current account holders will be issued with cheque books
  • It expands the business horizon of the Society and the members
  • It enables members to invest in new business ventures
  • Flexible and convenient programmes
  • Training on book keeping and entrepreneurship
  • Competitive group and individual savings and loan facilities


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