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•    Saving provide security for future financial needs •    Savings accumulates funds for use now and after retirement •    High savings will qualify for higher loans •    High savings need less guarantors •    High savings will result in high dividends •    High savings will strengthen the society’s lending capacity •    Savings will act as an insurance in case death whereby the nominee is paid twice the accumulated shares and outstanding loans written off •    High savings guarantees a member a comfortable retirement
Afya benevolent fund was introduced in July 1995 with the following objectives: - •    Take over risk management program in the society to cover loans of deceased members and their savings. •    Be an insurance program covering members savings on death •    Assist the family of a deceased member by contributing towards funeral expenses. •    Take over the death claims which were previously being charged on the society’s in come •    Assist the society to pay higher dividends since the death expenses will be taken over by Afya Benevolent Fund •    The payment of funeral expenses was decentralized to the branches in 1998
We open at first and last Saturday of the month; The following Fosa products are available to our members:- •    Savings account •    Instant payment of loan funds •    Clearance of third party cheques •    Standing orders/transmission of funds •    Cash withdrawal facility •    Fixed/call deposit accounts •    Short term advances •    Banker’s cheque •    Safe custody of valuables A viable investment to boast the society’s income
The society channels payments to members through Fosa outlets located within their environs.
Dormant loans occur when a member is unable to pay the loan granted to him/her. 
If a loan becomes dormant, it continues to accrue interest at a rate of 1% per month.
 If dormancy persists for an extra month, a first notice letter is sent to the member copied to his/her guarantors. This gives the member an opportunity to repay the loan using other modes of payment. If no replies are received from defaulter within 14 days, a final notice is sent which compels the guarantors to repay the loan on behalf of the member as first security. The amount to pay is normally the balance after offsetting shares of member and 50% of ABF
•  Request for statement of an account is made •  Statement is issued •  Request for cash clearance is approved or rejected •  Payment is made at FOSA Member is eligible for another loan after cash cleared loan stops on payroll.
FOSA’S are intended to reach the members; they offer services otherwise offered by the headquarters in Nairobi. This is in turn cheap to the member as much and results in efficiency on the services provided by the society. FOSA’S, decongest the work from the headquarter; this is because they bear part of the burden to be carried out by the society through the aspect of decentralization.
Dividends are declared during the Annual Delegates Conference and and are calculated based on the shares of the member as the end of the previous year i.e. 31st December. 
The rates at which dividends are pegged depend on the profit made by the society as per the registered accounts. The dividends attract 5% withholding tax.
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