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How To Become A Member

Who may join Afya Sacco Society?

In Afya Co-operative Society the common bond is of an occupational nature where members are either engaged in the same vocation or share common employer. The following persons qualify to enroll for membership:-

(a) Employees of the Ministry of Health, Other government Ministries and Parastatals.

(b) Employees of Afya Co-operative Saving and credit Society Limited and its subsidiaries.

(c) Staff of nurses and midwives council of Kenya.

(d) All Quasi Government institutions under the Ministry of Health Viz KEMRI, KETRI, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya Medical Training College.

(e) Workers of Health related organizations registered in Kenya.

(f) Past members who resigned but own shares in Afya Investments 
Co-operative Society Limited.

Retired members are allowed to retain their membership so long as they continue contributing minimum monthly shares of Kshs. 3000/=.

How do you become a member?

(a) Complete the prescribed application for membership form and attach a photostat copy of the latest payslip, two passport size photographs and photostat copy of National Identity card.

(b) Employees of parastatals and Health related organizations will in
addition to (a) above obtain a commitment letter from employers stating their willingness to deduct from salary and remit shares to the Society on behalf of the applicant.

(c) Payment of not less than Kshs. 500/= shares contribution until you reach a total of Kshs. 20,000/=, Kshs. 5000/= monthly deposits, Kshs 1000/= membership fees (One-off) and another 300/= for Afya Benevolent fund.

(d) Dully completed membership forms will be forwarded to the nearest 
Branch office for recommendation and onward transmission to the Headquarters.


Why save in Afya Co-operative Society?

Various financial Institutions provide facilities for saving of funds. It has been proven that such saving facilities have not assisted people to accumulate funds as people ended up withdrawing fund so saved to minimal deposits. Through Afya Co-operative members are given the enabling environment to save through checkoff system. Through checkoff system whereby deductions in respect to shares are made at source and remittances submitted to the Society by the employers. This arrangement guarantees that the members savings programme continues without undue interruption. The members shares maintained by the Society are non-withdrawable until at the time of retirement. The shares continue to grow in size as the members advance in their careers.

During the members working life he/she benefits from various loan products availed at the Society at reasonable rates of interest. Dividends are also paid yearly on the members shares.


Why AFYA Co-operative and not any other financial institution?


Besides the simple comparisons consider where the ultimate benefits go. As a member of the Society you are the customer and owner.
 As a member you have the capacity to influence decisions made concerning your welfare and also share benefits emanating from your co-operative. The society provides the best opportunity for any member to gain wealth.

How secure are members savings?

Members savings and loans are insured against risk through the Afya Benevolent Fund. Loans granted are secured through guarantors who in event of default take up the responsibility.