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Official Handing Over of KBC Phase 1 Plot Title Deeds

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this important event when the society is handing over the 281 title deeds for KBC 1 plots to the members.


The Board and Management are delighted to join members in this special occasion when we celebrate the achievement of enabling the society members to acquire plots.


I know most of you have anxiously waited for this day and have set aside all other engagements to be here to receive your title deeds.


On behalf of the society, I wish to thank you for participating in this project and congratulate you for the wisdom of investing through the society.




The Afya Investment society’s mission is to promote the social economic wellbeing of the members by providing affordable investment opportunities, acquisition of properties and creating additional income for members.


The vision of the society is to empower members to invest in order to improve their wealth.


The society has achieved a lot in empowering members to invest in various parts of the country.  The main focus has been in helping members to acquire land and develop housing units.


Providing decent housing is one of the vision 2030 goals where the Kenya Government has targeted the development of 200,000 housing units per year.  Afya Sacco in its own unique way has contributed to the vision by empowering our members to acquire plots and put up decent houses.  Many people who never dreamt of owning plots and houses in Nairobi and the other urban centres are now proud owners of such investments; courtesy of Afya Sacco Society and the Investment subsidiary.


The society has assisted members to buy plots in various Afya Sacco Society Branches.  So far the society has supported and financed members to acquire the following:-


  • Purchase of 1596 acres of land in different parts of the country.
  • Given 9600 plots to members.
  • Financed land projects worth Kshs.1.4 billion for members.
  • Supported members to develop housing estates in different parts of the country.


Through these investments the society has added value to the members’ lifes.




The society has initiated other land buying projects where members have participated.  These projects are at different stages of completion as indicated below.


  • KBC phase 2 –  The processing of title deeds is in progress.  The members who have not brought their photo’s copies, IDs and Pin Certificates are requested to bring them.


  • KBC 2 extension –  The subdivision has been completed and allocation is being done.


  • Phase 3 Kisaju –  the subdivision is complete and processing of titles is going on.


  • Phase 4 Kitengela/Rongai by pass the subdivision is in progress.


  • Phase 6 Kitengela project has started and members are invited to buy the plots ( members Kshs.500,000= non members Kshs.550,000=)




The society’s plan is to assist members to have controlled development to put up standard houses. This strategy will achieve the following:-


  • Have a gated community.
  • Creates security for residents.
  • Adds value to the plots.
  • Attracts customers/clients.
  • Will avoid semi permanent structures and flats.


The plot owners are advised to form an association or welfare which will oversee the developments and the welfare of the estate.





After receiving the title deeds today, the members should focus on developing the plots and putting up houses.


I would like to congratulate the members and non members who have participated in our investment projects, and wish them success in their development plans.


I  would like to urge the members to continue supporting Afya Sacco Society by saving more, taking loans and investing wisely.


5     AMCA


To serve the members better and meet the needs the society has expanded its range of services and products. The society launched AMCA (Afya Sacco Microcredit Activity) on 25th April, 2014 and I call upon all members to support this new Activity.



Finally I take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy Madaraka day on 1st June, 2014 and safe journey as you travel back home.


Thank you.


V. P. Lukiri


– Chariman’s speech during the official handing over of KBC Phase 1 Plot Title Deeds on 31st May 2014.


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